Paddle Ball King to Attempt Guinness World Record at the High Point Museum

Paddle Ball King with world's largest paddle ballSteve Langley, the Paddle Ball King, will be attempting to set his third Guinness World Record for “The World’s Largest Functioning Paddle Ball” Saturday, August 4 at the High Point Museum at 1 pm.

For this world record, Langley constructed a paddle ball that is a little over 9 feet tall and will be “establishing” a new record in this category. He currently holds two paddle ball related Guinness World Records. In April of 2011, he set the Guinness World Record for “The Most Paddle Balls Controlled by One Person”, at seven paddles. He performed this on National Italian Television and this was the first paddle ball related world record ever entered into Guinness World Record LTD. The second world record was set in September 2011 for “The Most People Paddle Balling at the Same Time.” This record was set at 356 people in Davidson, NC.

Langley decided on establishing this record in High Point due to the historical connection of the paddle balls that were made by the Fli-Back Toy Company. Inspired by a promotional paddle ball game that his daughter brought home, James Emory Gibson began manufacturing his own paddle and ball games in 1931 through his Gibson Textile Company. By the end of the year, Gibson was selling the paddle ball games under a new company name, Fli-Back. Eventually, Gibson expanded his products to include yo-yos, rubber balls, balloons, and tops. In 1972, the Ohio Art Company, the makers of the popular Etch-A-Sketch, purchased the Fli-Back Company.  They continued to make Fli-Back paddle ball games in High Point until 1983.

Langley modeled his giant paddle ball on the original Fli-Back, complete with the logo of the cowboy playing paddle ball while riding the bucking bronco. On display at the High Point Museum are several Fli-Back items, including a paddle ball game, complete with its original elastic string and ball.

“This is a fun way to bring attention to piece of High Point history,” Edith Brady, High Point Museum Director, said. “We hope people will come out for this unique event and see all the other wonderful things the Museum has to offer while they are here.”

The day also will include lessons, demonstrations, contests and raffles. Prizes will include Paddle Ball King Paddles and High Point Museum goodies.

Langley, a full time, professional juggler and variety entertainer for over 20 years now, has traveled the globe performing at festivals, fairs, colleges, corporate events and on cruise ships. He performs as The Great Fettucini and sometimes as half of The Fettucini Brothers: Alfredo and Alfresco. The Paddle Ball King is a persona/character that he developed once he started playing/performing/setting Guinness World Records with the Paddle Ball.

The High Point Museum, located at 1859 E. Lexington Ave., is open Wednesday through Saturday 10 am to 4:30 pm and the Historic Park is open Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. Admission is free. To learn more about this event and to discover what the High Point Museum is accomplishing for the community, call 885-1859 or visit

The High Point Museum is dedicated to sharing Greater High Point’s history, exploring the power of memory, providing perspective for current issues, and strengthening the sense of community. Our work is guided by our core values of connection, diversity, fun, and innovation.


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